Based on the experience as well as incessant research and scientific work, the company shaped some central production programs for manufacturing of special high-performance coatings for: metal industry • automotive industry • woodwork and joinery • building industry and road marking • heavy-duty protection • household appliances and trade

One part of the program consists of production of synthetic resins, which are used as binders for coatings. The main guidance of the Research & Development work is to suit our customers. The solving of problems concerning protection, aesthetics and ecology is performed by development of new products and by updating of the existing preparations, as well as with advising at automatic plants and shops.

The quality system is conceived in accordance with the demands of ISO 9001 standard. At the beginning of the year 1996, we gained the certificate of conformity for development, production and marketing in view of the international standard ISO 9001.

A very broad production program ranges Color to the very top of utter coating bidders. The quality of the products and satisfaction of the customers are obtained by pursuing the market trends and updating of the production program. Moreand more importance is attributed to environmental friendly products on water basis for household appliances and to powder coatings for industrial branches, which is the predominating sales program. Clean environment and preserved nature are ultimate goals of our operation.