Let’s be ecologically conscious and use powder paints!

Commited to Excellence

Color Powder Coating

At Color Powder Coating, we are commited to excellence!

At Color Powder Coating MFG. Inc., inventory management is meticulously handled to ensure efficient production and timely delivery of products. Through advanced tracking systems and forecasting  techniques, the company maintains optimal levels of raw materials, finished goods, and supplies to meet

customer demands while minimizing excess stock. This streamlined approach helps enhance productivity, reduce costs, and uphold high standards of quality and service. 

With a focus on innovation and sustainability,we offer a wide range of durable and environmentally friendly coating solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients across various industries.

Product Range


At Color Powder Coating MFG. Inc., we take pride in offering a diverse range of RAL colors to meet the varied needs of our customers. RAL colors are a standardized color matching system widely used in architecture, design, industry, and commerce.

Extensive Selection: Our RAL color palette encompasses a wide spectrum of shades, from vibrant primaries to subtle neutrals, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect hue for your project. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or a timeless classic, our RAL colors have you covered.

Explore Our RAL Colors Today: Whether you’re an architect, designer, manufacturer, or DIY enthusiast, Color Powder Coating MFG. Inc. is your trusted source for premium RAL colors. Explore our extensive selection and unleash your creativity with our vibrant and versatile powder coatings.


In addition to our standard Pantone color offerings, we offer custom color matching services to bring your unique vision to fruition. Our experienced team can create bespoke Pantone colors tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that your projects stand out from the rest.

Color Powder Coating MFG. Inc. offers a captivating range of Pantone colors, meticulously formulated for precise color matching and consistency. With endless applications and customization options, our high-quality powder coatings bring your unique vision to life with lasting brilliance. Explore our vibrant palette and unleash your creativity today!

Custom Color Matching Service

At Color Powder Coating MFG. Inc., we understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer custom color matching services to meet your exact specifications. Our experienced team utilizes advanced technology and premium pigments to meticulously formulate bespoke colors that perfectly align with your vision.

Our skilled technicians are experts in the art of color matching, ensuring that every custom hue is precisely calibrated to your requirements. Whether you’re aiming for a specific Pantone shade, a corporate color, or a unique palette, we have the expertise to deliver.

Stock Color Collection

Color Powder Coating MFG. Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of stock colors readily available to meet you immediate needs. Our stock color collection features a diverse array of vibrant hues and timeless classics, perfect for a wide range of applications.

Our stock colors are readily available, allowing for a quick turnaround times on your orders. Whether you are working on a tight deadline or need to replenish your inventory urgently, you can count on us to deliver promptly.

Each of our stock colors is meticulously formulated using high-quality pigments and rigorous quality control measures. You can trust that every batch of powder coating maintains consistent color accuracy and exceptional durabilty.

Made out of


Epoxy powder coating is an organic compound. It is made up of carbon chains that are linked to other elements, such as hydrogen, nitrogen, or oxygen.

Consequently, epoxy powder coating has good mechanical resistance and can stand up to various environmental challenges.


Polyester powder coating is a type of material that provides a robust alternative to conventional paint, essentially, it is painted in a powder form.

Providing an inherently strong finish, it can be applied to any surface that will not be affected by heat.

Pure Polyester

Pure Polyester Powder Coating offer similar mechanical properties to epoxy and epoxy/polyester hybrid system, however, the pure polyester is also resistant to chalking, color and gloss whit exposure to sunlight.

This series is recommended for both interior and exterior application.

Benefits of Using Powder Coating in steel and BDM industry

Cost friendly

The powder paint is an environmentally riendly product. The use of powder paint cost s much less stringer when used in the correct use than the use of wet paint. The cost of the torage powder paint is much less and simpler than in wet paint.


Color Powder Coating will create a one-of-a-kind powder paint and match any color, with the option to in huge range finishes from high gloss all the way down to matte when also in texture, sandtex and wrinkles.


Powder paint is known for being far more durable than other paint options. As a result, the finish is more flexible than standard paint and allows for a small amount of bending and flexing as your parts vibrate and move.


Powder paint is free and another chemical, it is recognised as safe for use and for disposal. When using powder paint no harmful chemicals are detected in the environment. However, all who handle the powder paint know not to inhale the powder and to wear protective gear to prevent skin contact.


Quality achievement is an important process of application and curing. In addition, is not subject to unevenness, running, or dripping, which are common among wet paint. As result, it doesn’t require sanding or refinishing if a mistake was made.


Powder Coatings system is very easy to maintain long term, which allows long-term use of the equipment and keeps it in good condition. For most applications, wiping tour parts clen less time a year is enough to keep them healthy for many years. For ease of use and maintenance, it cut down on finishing time, increase the quality of finish, and open up a border range of finishing options.

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