Custom Color Matching Process

At Color Powder Coating MFG. Inc., we understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer custom color matching services to meet your exact specifications. Our experienced team utilizes

advanced technology and premium pigments to meticulously formulate bespoke colors that perfectly align with your vision.


Our skilled technicians are experts in the art of color matching, ensuring that every custom hue is precisely calibrated to your requirements. Whether you’re aiming for a specific Pantone shade, a corporate color, or a unique palette, we have the expertise to deliver.

There must be a highly trained technician to match the Powder Coatings Color

Each color has hundreds of different shades. Human eyes do not have the same sensitivity to all colors. However human eyes are particularly sensitive to variations in white which means that color matching within white is very difficult.

Color in powder coatings are created whit different combination of the pigments to the base formulation. When we try to achieve a new color, we can choose the nearest approximation and then customize it as necessary to match the required color.

The color matching is initiated based on the sample provided by the customer. In the case of a sample, the customers must provide as much information as possible about the desired color so that we can obtain a fast and high quality powder paint. 

We are continue to push the boundaries where and how powder coating can be used. This in requires extensive development of the color matching process.

  1. Provides us with a physical sample of the desired color with a description .
  2. In our laboratory we do a color scan and make a color sample to match the original.
  3. The sample whit the original is returned to the customers for confirmation