We are building for the Future

Investing in Future

In  the company  we are aware that there is no future without new research and investment. In view of rapidly changing market parameters, it is necessary  to respond quickly and quality. Technology  for production is also rapidly developing, as well as the demand of users of powder paints, which Is a high emphasis on the protection of the environment and people.

Information for potential partners & investors

New eras, new technology

The company responds to all regulations with full responsibility and follows all trends required by the market. Because of all these aspects and events, we are expanding our production and modernizing our  production and adapting to our  customers as much as possible and providing the best service to our customers.

The company’s attitude is to produce the highest  quality  powder paints with new  technology as well as new  materials. In the first place it is pointed out that with green energy as raw materials we can protect the environment and with recycling and thus make the greatest possible contribution to a green world.